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BowerGroupAsia (BGA) translates the world’s most complex and dynamic markets into actionable information for its clients. We apply unmatched expertise and experience to help clients develop strategies to expand their businesses, solve problems and do great things in Asia. BGA employs a team of over 60 experts with a headquarters based in Washington, D.C. and 16 offices across Asia. BGA’s China Team provides practical support and insight on China’s political and economic environment tailored to client needs across a variety of sectors.

BowerGroupAsia(BGA) 为客户解读和分析全球最具活力也最复杂的市场,提供适于商业决策的信息。我们运用专业的知识和在目的地市场丰富的经验,帮助客户在亚洲地区落实战略,拓展业务、化解困境,同时对当地作出贡献。BGA现拥有60多位专家。他们分布在位于美国华盛顿的总部以及亚洲地区的16个办公室。BGA拥有一支根植中国的团队。团队根据客户的具体需求,针对不同行业,基于对中国政治、经济环境的精深理解提供分析建议和策略执行的支持。