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TechCode has established top entrepreneurial ecosystem, for the company around the world to provide incubators, accelerators, venture capital funds and strategic consulting services. Incubator provides office space for startups, and human resources needed to develop and sell their products. Accelerator provides the intellectual capital (planning, guidance, expertise and supply chain resources) required for the start-ups' technology commercialization. In June 2016, TechCode launched the first artificial intelligence AI+ accelerator project. The next AI+ accelerator project will be global, open to the world's 50 start-up companies. Venture capital fund to provide required financial capital for start-ups 'expansion. There are currently two active funds: 1 AI+ accelerator fund 1, for Accelerator companies' investment 2 .TechCode fund 1, for Accelerator and Non-Accelerator companies' investment. Strategy consulting as an important business ,provides feasible analysis to large companies and start-up late period companies so that it can make better decisions, including cross-border innovation, market entry strategy, supply chain partnership and open innovation etc.

太库建立了世界顶尖的创业生态系统,为世界各地的公司提供孵化器、加速器、创业投资基金和战略咨询等服务。 孵化器为初创公司提供办公空间,及开发和销售其产品所需的人力资本。 加速器为初创公司提供其技术商业化所需的智力资本(规划,指导,专业技能和供应链资源)。2016年6月,太库推出首个人工智能AI+加速器项目。下一个AI+加速器项目将是全球性的,开放给世界各地的50家初创公司。 创业投资基金为初创公司提供其扩大规模所需的金融资本。目前有两个在活跃资金:1. AI+加速器基金1 ,投资加速器公司 2. 太库基金1 ,投资加速器公司和非加速器公司。 战略咨询作为公司重要业务,为大公司和初创后期公司提供切实可行的的分析使其做出更好的决策,包括跨境创新,市场进入策略,供应链合作关系和开放式创新等。