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Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Jahwa") is one of the oldest Chinese daily-used chemicals companies. It was previously known as Hong Kong Kwong Sang Hong, which is established in 1898. It was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001 over more than 100 years of development. Shanghai Jahwa has attached great importance to the construction of self-owned brands, with several domestic famous brands such as "Herborist", "Liushen", "Maxam", "GF" and "GIVING","HomeAegis","Fresh Herb","Dr. Yu","Tea Beauty","Shanghai VIVE". Facing the fierce competition from Chinese market, Jahwa has achieved outstanding results by adopting differentiated brand management strategies, making it a leader among numerous market segments.

上海家化联合股份有限公司(以下简称“上海家化”)是中国历史最悠久的日化企业之一,前身是成立于1898年的香港广生行,历经百年发展, 于2001年在上海证券交易所上市。上海家化高度重视自主品牌建设,旗下拥有 “佰草集”、“六神”、“美加净”、“高夫”、“启初”、“家安”、 “一花一木”、“玉泽”、“茶颜”、“双妹”等诸多品牌。 面对中国市场上的激烈竞争,上海家化通过采取差异化的品牌经营战略取得了不俗的成果,在众多细分市场上建立了领导地位。