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Founded in 1963, IQAir invented the first residential air purifier. IQAir has been passionately leading the indoor air cleaning industry with it’s state of the art research and development.  IQAir's production facilities are located in Goldach, Switzerland. Dedicated to using the highest quality components. Our skilled craftsmen utilize top manufacturing processes to continue building the finest air quality products in the world. IQAir has been servicing the China market since 1998. In 2008 IQAir was the official clean air sponsor of the USA Olympic team participating in Beijing. In 2016, IQAir established a WOFE in China, headquartered in Beijing, along with offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu.

1963年,IQAir发明了世界上首台家用空气净化器。直至今日一直依靠其先进的研发技术和顶尖生产工艺引领世界室内空气净化技术前沿。 IQAir的总部及全球生产基地位于瑞士东北部美丽的康斯坦茨湖畔。2016年IQAir在中国成立全资子公司。