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The mission statement of the Harrow International Schools is 'Leadership for a better world', which draws on the great tradition of famous leaders emanating from Harrow School such as Winston Churchill, Pandit Nehru and King Hussein of Jordan. Leadership involves having the motivation, skills and determination to make a difference. It can mean leading from the front or influencing from within as an effective team player. 'Leadership for a better world' is defined as six attributes: •Contributing positively to community •Applying knowledge with compassion •Solving problems collaboratively •Solving problems creatively •Making just choices •Facing challenges with determination It is the intention of the Harrow International Schools to reinforce these themes throughout the learning life of our students in a number of integrated ways.

哈罗北京的使命是“为未来世界培养具有领导力的人才”,哈罗有培养著名领导人的传统,这些著名领导人包括英国前首相丘吉尔、贾瓦哈拉尔尼赫鲁以及约旦的侯赛因国王等。 领导力涉及到进取心、才干和有所作为的决心。它意味着领导者要成为一个善于合作的人,能从正面引导,或在内部推动整个团队前进。 我们的使命可以进一步阐释为六项领导力特质,这六项特质学生在校期间或者以后都会慢慢体现出来的,它们包括: •积极奉献于社区 •关爱与智慧并存 •与人合作解决问题 •创造性地解决问题 •做出公正公平抉择 •以毅力面对挑战 哈罗北京希望通过综合学习方案,强化学生的这些领导力特质。