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Audio specialist Sennheiser based in Wedemark near Hanover is one the world’s leading producers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission technology with its own plants in Germany, Ireland and the US. Sennheiser operates in more than 50 countries. Together with 19 subsidiaries and long-standing trading partners, the company sells innovative products and future-oriented audio solutions which are optimally tailored to customers’ needs. This enthusiasm for audio technology is shared by some 2,750 employees worldwide who work for the family-run company, which was established in 1945. Daniel Sennheiser and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser took the helm in 2013 and are the third generation to manage the company. In 2015, the Sennheiser Group‘s turnover totaled €682 million.

Sennheiser总部位于德国汉诺威附近的韦德马克 (Wedemark),生产设施分布在德国、爱尔兰和美国,业务则遍及50多个国家和地区。凭借19家销售子公司与长期贸易合作伙伴,Sennheiser为全世界的消费者提供各种创新产品和先进的音频解决方案,经过优化定制以满足消费者的需求。Sennheiser是一家成立于1945年的家族企业,如今在世界各地的2,750名员工对音频技术充满激情。 自2013年以来,Sennheiser集团第三代继承人Daniel Sennheiser先生与Andreas Sennheiser博士共同掌管公司运营。2015年,Sennheiser集团的营业额约为6.82亿欧元。