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Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is a professional, independent, marketoriented think tank founded in the U.S. in 1982. Since its foundation, RMI collaborates with leading partners from various industries to transform global energy use to create a clean, secure and prosperous low-carbon future through market-based cost-effective solutions. We are not only a pioneer dedicated to various researches in energy sector, but we are also a practitioner and driver of the development of energy efficiency, renewables and low-carbon technologies. As an independent third-party organization, we convene and collaborate with diverse partners to accelerate the shift of energy structure from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables through cost-effective, duplicable and scalable solutions.

落基⼭研究所是⼀家于1982年在美国创⽴的专业、独⽴、以市场为导向的 智库。 ⾃成⽴以来,我们协同来⾃各领域的合作伙伴,通过经济可⾏的市场化⼿段, 推动全球能源变⾰,以创造清洁、安全、繁荣的低碳未来。我们不仅专注于能源领域的研究,更是能效、清洁能源和低碳发展领域的积 极实践者和推动者。作为⼀家独⽴的第三⽅机构,我们召集并协同来⾃各⾏业的合作伙伴,通过 经济可⾏的、可复制和可规模化推⼴的解决⽅案,加速能效和可再⽣能源取 代化⽯燃料的能源结构转变。