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NRDC has been working hard at both the national and local levels to recommend, develop and help implement innovative laws, policies, technologies, and market tools that curb pollution and accelerate China’s transition to a clean, low-carbon economy. We look for opportunities to collaborate with local and international partners in order to find solutions that are applicable and replicable in China. Coupled with our work in the United States and elsewhere, NRDC’s China team serves as an important bridge between the two largest energy users and greenhouse gas emitters in the world.

作为先进理念的倡导者、实用解决方案的推介者和值得信赖的专业合作伙伴,NRDC 主要通过开展政策研究,介绍和展示最佳实践,以及提供技术和法律方面的专业支持等方式,促进中国的绿色发展、循环发展和低碳发展。