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Phenomenex是一家追求创新的科技企业,并一直致力于为制 药、工业、临床、环境、食品等行业的实验室以及政府与高校研究院所的研究人员研发新的科技产品,为他们提供更加实用的分析纯化解决方案。自1982年成立以来,为了更好地满足客户分析研究工作的需求,Phenomenex公司于三十多年来一直在分析科技领域中不断突破;其卓越的产品屡获商业与科技大奖,成为行业内广为人知的科技创新者与值得信赖的合作伙伴。

Phenomenex has been redefining the field of separation sciences since its launch in 1982. Today, Phenomenex has earned its spot as the number one HPLC column manufacturer in the world and has diversified into four other related separation science fields, simultaneously acquiring top market positions in each. The company boasts some of the most prestigious technology and business awards in the industry and has secured its reputation as an innovator and trusted partner.