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HOSO is bring the top medical institutions in the United States International and professional medical services for customers in China. Example servicing Chinese who want to get the information of the best hospital in the United States. HOSO is headquartered in Los angeles, USA, and has liaison personnel in Ji nan, Shenzhen and Liaoning, China, and has established cooperation with more than 100 medical institutions in China to better serve the national customers.

HOSO赴美医疗是为中国客户搭建直通美国顶尖医疗机构的国际化、专业化海外医疗服务机构,专注为中国客户提供美国专家会诊、赴美就医、精准治疗、中美医学技术交流等一站式海外医疗咨询服务。 HOSO总部位于美国洛杉矶,在中国济南,深圳, 辽宁设有联络人员并与国内100 多家医疗机构建立合作,以更好地服务全国客户。