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Our mission is to connect worthy individuals with life-changing educational and employment opportunities. We do this by providing top US educational institutions, top companies, and top students with innovative online matching and interviewing tools. Our marquee service is a recorded, unscripted interview with a candidate that is used by decision makers all over the world to assess communication and soft skills. As an American-run, Beijing-headquartered company, our interviews have been a part of more than 150,000 applications to hundreds of secondary and higher education programs and myriad employment opportunities. Candidates come to us to stand out in any competitive application process by using not only our interview but also our unique matching and signaling tools.

我们的使命是将有志人士与至关重要的教育和就业机会联系起来。我们通过为美国顶尖的学府和公司,及优秀的学生提供创新的在线匹配和面试平台来实现这一目标。 我们的金牌服务是与候选人进行即兴面试,全球各地的决策者们结合观看录制下来的原版面试视频来考量面试者的沟通能力及软实力。作为一个美国人管理,总部在北京的公司,我们的面试已成为超过15万份申请中的一部分,涵盖几百个初高中和高等教育项目,及众多的就业机会。面试者们通过我们提供的面试以及我们独特的匹配平台和信号传递功能,在激烈的申请过程中脱颖而出。