2020 WP Summary & Policy Priorities Matrix

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AmCham China’s American Business in China White Paper (White Paper) is a comprehensive analysis of China’s economic policies and practices impacting foreign trade and investment from the American business community in China. The 2020 White Paper, the 22nd edition, includes input from a wide variety of member companies representing 18 major industries, 12 cross-cutting issue areas, and four major regions/cities in China.

2019 was a turbulent year in US-China relations, which created challenging conditions for the business community. Each of the 37 chapters in this year’s White Paper summarizes regulatory improvements seen throughout 2019, but also encapsulates the range of challenges and concerns still facing our member companies with respect to their China operations. The White Paper is nearly 500 pages in length.

In an effort to distill AmCham China’s key messages and policy priorities, this, our 2020 White Paper Summary document, maps our key recommendations by industry to AmCham China’s 2020 overarching Policy Priorities and at the same time reinforces the substance of the Policy Priorities with concrete examples of the kinds of challenges facing the American business community in China. AmCham China’s 2020 Policy Priorities focus and guide the Chamber’s advocacy efforts.

They are:

1) Rebuilding Trust through Concrete Actions Leading to Greater Transparency and Evenhandedness of Regulatory Processes,

2) Promoting Development through Policies of National Treatment and Competitive Neutrality, and

3) Stimulating Innovation through Global Cooperation and Intellectual Property Protection.

中国美国商会的《美国企业在中国白皮书》(《白皮书》)是来自在华美国企业针对影响外资企业在中国的经济政策和实践的全面分析。2020年第22期《白皮书》内容涵盖18 个主要行业、12 个跨领域议题和中国四个主要地区或城市的各类会员公司的意见。

2019年是中美关系动荡的一年,工商界也因此面临不少挑战。今年《白皮书》的37 个章节中,每一章都总结了2019年所达成的的监管改进,但也包含了我们的会员公司在中国仍然面临的挑战和问题。《白皮书》的篇幅接近450 页,为了提炼出中国美国商会传递的主要信息和政策重点,我们的2020 年《白皮书》摘要文件将我们的行业政策重点建议与中国美国商会2020 年的总体政策重点联系起来,同时通过美国商界在中国面临的各种挑战实例再次强调了政策重点的实质内容。中国美国商会2020 年的政策重点将指导商会的工作。今年的政策重点是是: