Photo Gallery: 2016 APCAC Business Conference

By Tom Jin
APCAC 2016 US Ambassador socializing with participants.png
US Ambassador to China Max Baucus socializing with participants
Ambassador Max Baucus on the stage.png
Amb. to China Max Baucus and Amb. to Mongolia Jennifer Zimdahl Galt
AmCham China Chairman James Zimmerman.png
AmCham China Chairman James Zimmerman
AmCham China President Alan Beebe.png
AmCham China President Alan Beebe and William Zarit
Meeting room.png
Meeting room
Participants 2.png
Michael Liu and other attendees
Randal Phillips, Jackson Cox and other attendees
Raising a question.png
Christopher LaFleur raises a question
Speakers 2.png
Catherine Simmons and Christopher LaFleur at the State of Asian Economy panel
Speakers 3.png
Gary Gensler with James Zimmerman
Speakers 4.png
Ernie Bower and Wei Christianson
AmCham China employees.JPG
Alan Beebe, Aurelia Kassatly and Jackson Cox
audience 2.JPG
Chairman Emeritus Greg Gilligan and Pres. AmCham South China Harley Seyedin
having a discussion.JPG
Exec. Director AmCham Japan Laura Younger
Chindex CEO Roberta Lipson, Alan Beebe and others
raising a question.JPG
AmCham China Governor Gao Lin
speakers 2.JPG
Lester Ross and Piper Stover
William Zarit, Timothy Stratford, Lester Ross, Piper Stover
Strategic CSR speakers.png
Wenchi Yu and Cathy Tai
AmCham China 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner
AmCham China 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner

The 2016 APCAC Business Conference brought together 29 American chambers of commerce from around the region as well as other 300 business, policy, diplomatic, government and media leaders. Highlights included Gary Gensler’s remarks and the 25th Anniversary Gala.

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Reputation, Corporate Governance.png

Scott Kennedy moderated comments on the foreign NGO law and other developments impacting how corporations invest in society.

How can companies best respond in a moment of crisis? Kit Kwok, Partner at DLA Piper, drew out the expertise of the panel on crisis management by presenting a hypotehtical crisis and asking them to respond.

New Picture.png

Thursday marked the first day of the 2016 APCAC Business Conference, which brings together 29 American chambers of commerce from around the region.

APCAC Gary Gensler.JPG

Gary Gensler fielded questions ranging from commodity futures to the 2016 presidential campaign. Gensler is uniquely qualified to answer these, as he was Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission under President Barack Obama for five years

APCAC Asia as a Financial Hub.png

Moderated by China-Britain Business Council Chief Executive Stephen Phillips, this panel discussed renminbi internationalization and how established financial centers are positioning themselves to benefit from this.

image1 (2).JPG

At the DTZ/Cushman & Wakefield Panel on the State of the Asian Economy, Sean Wang, Vice President of Greater China guided the group through questions on domestic and cross-border issues impacting the economies of Asia-Pacific.

APCAC Soundbites - China's Regional Engagement (2).JPG

This panel discussed China’s Silk Road initiative and the implications of the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, with special attention given to the practicalities.


Experts talk about the hottest trade agreements involving the US and Asia right now, TTP, RCEP and the US-China BIT.