Latest economic news.

24 September, 2019

Understanding the US-China trade relationship can be a challenge. This portal, which will be updated regularly, serves as a single source for all the resources, documentation, and analysis related to the trade dispute.

08 March, 2019

AmCham China’s 21st China Business Climate Survey Report (BCS) launched to more fanfare than ever last week, with the Chamber’s annual pulse check serving to provide a better understanding of the current business environment in China.

19 July, 2017

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross heralded the 100-day deal as a “Herculean accomplishment.” If progress on the rest of the economic relationship follows the arc of the Greek myth, however, then the most difficult tasks are still to follow.

13 June, 2017

The economic policymaking landscape in China is dominated by supply-side structural reform (SSSR), but the topic has not received much attention. A recent report from The Economist Intelligence Unit investigates the progress and outlook for SSSR.

25 November, 2016

The government’s commitment to shifting from an investment-driven to a consumption-driven economy provides unique opportunities and signals a golden era for the e-commerce industry, but also carries new risks.

24 November, 2016

An influential Congressional commission has suggested that CFIUS prevent state-owned enterprises from purchasing US companies.

28 January, 2016

Former Acting Deputy US Trade Representative Wendy Cutler says it’s too early to assess the likely impact on China.

26 January, 2016

AmCham China's Senior Manager for Policy Initiatives Ian Curtiss walks viewers through the most important graphs and trends.

19 January, 2016

What the world is seeing from China so far is a number of important reforms leading up to the IMF's decision and taking place in the wake of it, the results of which are uncertain for American business in China and beyond.

14 January, 2016

China's currency has taken an exchange rate hit. Investors will need reforms as well as reassurance before increasing RMB holdings again.