Issues to do with education and training.

22 June, 2017

Around the globe, the pace of change seems to have accelerated, leaving students and parents uncertain about the future. Beijing’s international schools are finding new ways to ensure students have the skills they need for whatever comes next.

07 July, 2016

Inconsistent or unclear laws and regulations and difficulty obtaining required licenses are reported as the top two business challenges for the education industry in China.

19 June, 2015

International management skills are indispensable, and there is always more to learn, even for seasoned managers and executives. That was the major takeaway from AmCham China’s “Why EMBA?” event, held on June 16.

15 April, 2015

The thirst in China for knowledge and the quest to become global leaders has led many American universities like Penn to come straight to the need, like firefighters to smoke.

15 April, 2015

American universities have stepped up their involvement abroad and their intake of international students, with an emphasis on expanding engagement with Asia.