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15 January, 2016

To develop at the pace Xi aims for, domestic healthcare manufacturing firms need support of foreign business for critical components, technologies and business models.

04 December, 2015

UFCF, Susan G. Komen and GE Healthcare created a mobile healthcare unit that provides underserved populations with not just general health examinations but also breast cancer screenings with the latest ultrasound technology.

24 September, 2015

Foreign medical device companies can stay competitive by buying local plants, building local teams and better understanding the market.

16 September, 2015

Pan says she wasn't always a leader, but her experiences in the PLA and almost 20 years with UFH allowed her to develop into one.

10 September, 2015

Businesses, government and NGOs band together to support Beijing's new law fighting second-hand smoke.

29 July, 2015

A new innovation from GE Healthcare allows analog X-ray machines to produce digital images at a low cost. The product was developed with direct input from doctors and other customers, a new strategy to help GE deliver products in China, for China.

27 July, 2015

International SOS keeps a company's workforce safe during global expansion with innovative solutions to common healthcare issues. This is crucial for Chinese employees, who are increasingly being sent out to postings in unfamiliar locales.

19 June, 2015

This Wednesday, experts from government and industries shared their insights and opinions on the commercial medical insurance industry. Professor Zhu Minglai compared healthcare reforms transpiring in the US and China.

15 May, 2015

AmCham China Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding with the China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange to harness both government and industry resources in supporting capacity building and international exchange.

13 March, 2015

The pace of global advances in technology creates huge opportunities for the healthcare industry to improve the level of service that patients receive.