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24 August, 2016

The most common mistakes can be avoided with a better understanding of China's job hunters: when they are looking to make a jump, how they find positions and what criteria to measure them by.

11 August, 2016

Women lag behind men when it comes to nabbing top leadership positions. Four panelists discussed what holds women back and how HR professionals can promote female leadership skills.

27 July, 2016

A high-flying exec is hand-picked for a plum overseas assignment. Six months later, she's back in her home country, disillusioned. Unlucky? Actually this is a common occurrence. What she lacked was a global mindset.

27 July, 2016

Hearing that millennials want both autonomy and constant guidance can seem like a paradox, but career coaching may be the answer.

30 June, 2016

Check out soundbites and snapshots, from robot recruiters to gender-neutral family leave, all from this year's conference on June 28.

20 April, 2016

The 10-year visa was just the start of many forms to Chinese immigration policies. See if you're eligible for a China Green Card or 6-day visa free stay.

05 January, 2016

Employees spend 40+ hours per week in the office, but how clean is the air they breathe? Taking action to clean up indoor air quality is essential for keeping employees happy and healthy.

06 November, 2015

This year's event focused on “Navigating the Change: Human Capital Management in an Age of Uncertainty.”

14 October, 2015

HR General Manager at ConocoPhillips Lydia Zhou says age, gender are just the beginning of building a heterogenous team.

09 October, 2015

Vice Chair Lin Gao gives her 4 top tips for meeting key players and making a strong impression in a crowd