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14 October, 2015

HR General Manager at ConocoPhillips Lydia Zhou says age, gender are just the beginning of building a heterogenous team.

09 October, 2015

Vice Chair Lin Gao gives her 4 top tips for meeting key players and making a strong impression in a crowd

09 October, 2015

In gauging the upheaval that China’s economy has gone through over the past few decades, there can be few worse measures than the unemployment rate.

03 August, 2015

With books like Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, the topic of gender stereotypes in executives has become a major focus of public discourse. What many of these discussions lack is an investigation of why certain prejudices exist and what can overcome them.

03 August, 2015

While most companies remained profitable, growth is proving more difficult. HR plays a pivotal role in companies as they seek to find solutions to business challenges in China.

17 July, 2015

For leaders operating in multinational corporations, a global mindset helps not just with business development, but with managing teams in a respectful and efficient manner.

15 July, 2015

During a period of economic slowdown in China, HR challenges are one of the largest pressures facing foreign companies. To be successful, companies must address the question of what style of leadership will best harness the work force.

12 June, 2015

Moderator Elisa Mallis, Head of Executive Coaching at MDS, facilitated the discussion, which ranged from whether technological advancements are good for workers to larger issues such as talent acquisition and talent management.

29 May, 2015

Four HR professionals came together to share the essential skills for HR professionals in China. Moderated by Horst Gallo of IBM, the event picked apart the role of HR and what differences stand between the role.

20 May, 2015

One of the greatest fears that companies in China have today is investing in their people, only to see them snatched away by rivals. But this is a short-term view that misses the point when it comes to recruitment in China.