China is becoming a global innovator. Meet the companies and individuals helping to push innovation in China forward.

19 June, 2020

The ECP, whose mission is to advance bilateral Sino-US cooperation on energy and environmental sector issues, held a two-day workshop for China's NEA and the USTDA, the eighth such collaboration since the ECP was founded.

20 June, 2018

Disruptive technologies are growing and tapping into several industries. Take a dive into biotechnology in this article to learn about its basic functions, applications, and relevance on the China-US stage.

08 June, 2018

AcceleratingBiz CEO Randall Hancock visits AmCham China for “Disruptive Technologies and the Rise of Accelerated Business”, an event focused on helping members to identify, assess, and respond to the disruptive technologies impacting industries.

01 June, 2018

Brian Reaves, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Dell Inc. sits down for an interview to tell AmCham China about Dell's Diversity and Inclusion efforts, and his own experience as a technologist and D&I professional.

10 May, 2018

On April 19, AmCham China launched its new Technology and Innovation Initiative with an expert discussion highlighting the opportunities and challenges faced by multinational corporations (MNCs) in China in the era of digital transformation.

12 April, 2018

AmCham China is excited to announce the new Technology and Innovation (T&I) Initiative, an “insight and collaboration” platform designed to help our members navigate and take advantage of the impact of disruptive technologies on their organizations.

17 August, 2017

Representatives from the Department of Justice shared insights on IPR protection, cybercrimes, and preservation of digital evidence with AmCham China members, who also had a chance to provide feedback and advice based on their experiences in China.

03 July, 2017

The future of work will involved more automation and machines. Recent data from PwC’s CEO Survey shows tech advancements and skill shortages as top concerns for companies, especially as HR departments struggle to deal with the pace of change.

03 August, 2016

More than 90 percent of member companies reported innovation as a key part of growth in China. Bain and Company identifies five capabilities companies need to achieve innovation goals.

26 July, 2016

While China is working to build up the cloud and other innovative technologies, it's also creating barriers that hold back investors and entrepreneurs.