Intellectual Property Rights Forum

The forum advocates for a fair and strong pro-IP environment within China and provides members with information on intellectual property related issues and regulations, through seminars and legislative briefings. Over the past year, the committee has submitted comments on numerous draft laws and regulations, including Copyright Law Amendment, Service Invention Remuneration, and the Trademark Law Amendment. In support of AmCham’s policy submissions, the IPR forum holds member briefings on the released laws and regulations and their impact upon the American business community. The forum has also held meetings with the visiting officials from the US Patent and Trade Office and other US agencies on topics such as the Special 301 Report and the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade.

15 February, 2019

The IPR forum recently hosted a panel of expert practitioners to discuss progress made in the 90-day negotiation period. This Insights reflects the progress made by the US and Chinese governments.

25 January, 2019

AmCham China’s Intellectual Property Rights Forum was pleased to host “US-China Trade Tension Update: What progress can be made in 90 days?”, an event to discuss prospects for the 37 remaining days of US-China trade war pause, and its implications.

17 August, 2017

Representatives from the Department of Justice shared insights on IPR protection, cybercrimes, and preservation of digital evidence with AmCham China members, who also had a chance to provide feedback and advice based on their experiences in China.

04 December, 2015

Duke speaks about the progress made on the MOU between Alibaba Group the China-Britain Business Council and puts China's IP environment into perspective.

27 March, 2015

While agreeing intellectual property rights enforcement still lags, the basic message at Thursday's event was that China's approach to intellectual property issues has come a long way.