The latest trends on investment in and out of China

20 September, 2017

OSI Foods is one of several AmCham China members taking advantage of Shandong’s strength in agriculture.

20 September, 2017

It’s been 10 years since JLL opened an office in Qingdao, and now it’s looking to extend its reach in Shandong province

12 September, 2017

MOFCOM Deputy Director General Ye Wei delivered remarks and answered audience questions regarding recent policy developments and changes affecting the investment environment for foreign companies.

31 August, 2017

The buzz around Big Data seems to be fixed in a permanent crescendo, and in every segment of the data lifecycle savvy startups and established companies are finding innovative ways to unlock enormous value. Take a closer look at how it works.

23 August, 2017

Shandong Vice Governor Ren Airong and a delegation from the Department of Commerce of Shandong province met in Beijing with members of the AmCham China Board of Governors and other senior members to discuss the upcoming Strategic Dialogue.

01 August, 2017

We sat down with Dr. Bo Bai, the CEO of the U.S.-China Green Fund, to ask him about the foundation of the Fund, the enormous potential for U.S.-China cooperation on green development, and where the Fund wants to be in the future.

28 July, 2017

Few people could have envisaged what the Belt and Road Initiative entailed when the concept was proposed back in 2013. Four years later, companies have an opportunity to be a part of the development plan, but need a strategy to handle the risks.

19 July, 2017

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross heralded the 100-day deal as a “Herculean accomplishment.” If progress on the rest of the economic relationship follows the arc of the Greek myth, however, then the most difficult tasks are still to follow.

25 May, 2017

AmCham China's delegation on the Outbound Investment Trip recently returned from a productive trip through Washington, DC and Omaha, Nebraska.

10 May, 2017

Baseball legend Yogi Berra's quote is appropriate for describing the quickly-changing sports environment in China, which has warmed to foreign games as major brands seek to position themselves for growth.