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17 August, 2017

For foreign firms operating in China, selecting an institution for contract arbitration can be a difficult choice. Thanks to reforms and developments over the last 20 years, selecting a China-based institution is an increasingly attractive option.

10 August, 2017

Moving data and maintaining cybersecurity are big challenges for foreign companies operating in China. Decrypt recent policy developments with these three key trends, two important considerations, and one immediate next step.

01 June, 2017

On June 1, the Cybersecurity Law came into effect. But what the law means for foreign companies operating in China is still unclear, even for Beijing’s legal experts.

11 May, 2017

Foreign NGOs covered by a new law that went into force in China earlier this year have been waiting for clarity on the procedures for legally registering. Now they can get help with registration from the China Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI).

13 April, 2017

Reforms to the legal system for pollution fees and taxes has broad implications for how China incentivizes companies to go green.

14 December, 2016

What to Expect from a Chinese Arbitration Institution: Practices here, such as who sends the documents to respondents, vary from other countries

07 December, 2016

Wei Chen discusses the details of the new Cybersecurity Law, who it applies to, and what compliance means for your company

21 October, 2016

Employee repositioning is part of the de-capacity process for the iron and steel industries, but bears legal implications.

21 September, 2016

American attorney David Livdahl discusses the regulatory landscape that’s frustrating foreign law firms in China, while Chinese firms thrive overseas.

23 June, 2016

Labor Contract Law, the subject of public criticisms from Minister of Finance Lou, will likely undergo changes in the hopes of preventing further economic trouble.