Latest manufacturing news.

22 February, 2019

Major cities in two of China’s strongest manufacturing regions struggled to hit their growth targets in 2018, as the country felt the impacts of a decelerating economy and trade tensions with the US.

23 August, 2016

AmCham China member companies in the Machinery, Equipment, Systems & Controls (MESC) industry are more pessimistic than foreign businesses in other sectors.

23 August, 2016

Overall, companies in the Manufacturing and Engineering industry are slightly less optimistic in their assessment of the current business climate than foreign business in other sectors.

01 February, 2016

Sean Molloy and Nick Hu from Control Risks talk about the latest trends and best practices in restructuring for the manufacturing industry in China.

01 September, 2015

Businesses need to be aware of the program and develop strategies not only for how they will fend off Chinese competitors but also to identify and seize the opportunities that the program does present.

27 July, 2015

Originally, PRI was interested in China because of the low cost of labor. In the present day, the company is incentivized to maintain operations in China because it’s easy to succeed in local markets with their “application patents.”

10 February, 2015

Even as headlines declared that China’s manufacturing sector was doomed, German automaker Daimler last November chauffeured journalists through its spiffy new Beijing Benz plant.

05 February, 2015

AmCham China may seem like an odd place to discuss the benefits of working in Vietnam. But Alberto Vettoretti, managing partner at Dezan Shira and Associates, points out that there are strategic advantages from moving operations out of China.

09 October, 2014

For our ongoing interview series, AmCham China Communications Director Graham Norris spoke with Ken Lousberg, president of Terex Corp, China, about leading with enthusiasm and taking the shame out of sharing mistakes.

01 September, 2014

Hardly a novelty act, 3D printing has already generated new possibilities across sectors. Advocates of the new technology say many more applications of the additive manufacturing technique of 3D printing could improve customization and reduce waste.