Member Spotlight

Check out the latest AmCham China members.

11 March, 2019

The Founder of Mother’s English, a volunteer group serving as linguistic role models for Chinese students, sees a day when language barriers that keep students from succeeding in a global community become gateways of academic and career success.

09 October, 2018

Gilead's new Beijing office opened to a special visit by United States Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, encouraging the biopharma leader to continue to promote US-China healthcare collaboration and to benefit Chinese patients.

26 March, 2018

In the lead-up to her talk at the coming 2018 Women Economy Summit, Helen Ye visited the AmCham China office to give her insight on career development for young women, and discuss her own experiences as a professional.

16 March, 2018

In the lead-up to the 2nd Women Economy Summit, we are giving you a sneak peak into our honored speakers. So, get acquainted with those you'll be seeing see on March 30th. For our 2nd installment of the series, we put the spotlight on Sophie Guerin.

25 January, 2018

The Chief Representative for Cheniere Energy in China believes liquefied natural gas will contribute substantially to the reduction of the trade deficit between the US and China.

20 November, 2017

When faced with the challenge of a language barrier while doing business in China, Nigel Blair, President of Nihao Global Corporation Limited, decided to take matters into his own hands. Nihao Global aims to help foreign companies in China thrive.

31 October, 2017

With extensive industry experience and a deep knowledge of genomics, Zhao Ruilin brings tremendous knowledge to Illumina. He is confident that the medical industry will continue to make breakthroughs in personalized medicine and save more lives.

28 September, 2017

Takamoto Suzuki has used his training as an economist in positions throughout the Asia-Pacific region before joining Marubeni. As a new member of AmCham China, he sees a unique opportunity to be more involved in agriculture.

26 July, 2017

Wallace Pai is the VP and General Manager of Greater China for GlobalFoundries, one of the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing companies in the world.

06 July, 2017

Attorney Frederick W. Hong, the Founder and Principal of Frederick W. Hong Law Offices, was born in LA and has become a legal bridge between the US and China over his 40 years of experience representing businesses from both countries.