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20 July, 2016

The Chinese government has changed course in its cross-border e-commerce policies. Why has it done so and what are the devastating short-term consequences?

12 July, 2016

The Aerospace industry is more positive in China than other foreign business sectors, as foreign companies in this sector report unique branding and regulatory management skills as significant advantages over domestic competitors.

12 July, 2016

The Automotive industry is significantly more pessimistic than foreign business in other sectors primarily due to rising labor costs and inconsistent or unclear regulations.

12 July, 2016

The Transportation and Logistics industry business climate is more optimistic than foreign business in other sectors, evidenced by 80% of respondents forecasting increases in revenue of their company’s China operations for 2015 as compared to 2014.

18 February, 2016

Most AmCham China companies went back to work 2 weeks after the blast, but remain shaken from the communication void and unclear restrictions on dangerous goods transportation

05 November, 2014

As Executive Director Geoffrey Jackson recalls, the first discussions of the US-China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) began over a Peking duck dinner. These informal talks in 2003 led to an official founding in 2004 of the government-industry partnership that is now a model for cooperations across trades and continents. Now in its 10th year, ACP has hit an important milestone and continues to create successes for all parties involved.