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The AFP was created with the support of the U.S. and Chinese governments to continue in the tradition of the Agricultural Symposium that was a centerpiece of then-Vice President Xi Jinping's visit to Iowa in February 2012. AFP’s mission is to link U.S. and Chinese public, private, and non-governmental organizations (NGO) across the agricultural and food supply chain in order to advance mutual food security, food safety, and agricultural sustainability through the promotion of cooperative activities between the United States and China and optimal practices in both countries.

中美农业与食品合作项目(AFP)是中美双边农业与食品合作的公共与私营的协调平台 。该项目的建立得到了两国政府的支持。在2012年2月,时任国家副主席习近平访美国爱荷华州,由此开启了中美农业高层研讨会。该项目的建立,就是为了继续这一传统。AFP的宗旨,是连接两国农业和食品整个产业链上的公共、私营和非政府机构与组织, 通过促进两国的合作活动以及最佳实践,推进双边的粮食安全、食品安全和农业的可持续发展。


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