2016 Business Climate Survey

This is the 18th year in which the American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China (AmCham China) has conducted its annual Business Climate Survey. We are proud to have partnered again with the consultants at Bain & Company, who worked with us to continue improving the survey experience for our members, and provided in-depth analysis to determine the implications of our findings for member companies.

More than 20 industry-specific reports also available. 


Below are some of the questions addressed in the report:


  • What percentage of your China revenues comes from products or services that were locally designed, developed or at least tailored to local requirements?
  • How does the forecast 2015 revenue of your China operations compare to 2014 results?
  • How do the forecast 2015 EBIT (Earnings before interest and tax) margins of your China operations compare to those of 2014?
  • How would you characterize your company’s overall return on investments since entering China?
  • What is your company’s forecast for China’s GDP growth rate in 2016?
  • Please select your top five business challenges in China.
  • Which of the following are important opportunities for your China business? Please select your top three opportunities. 

Investment Environment

  • How does China rank in your company’s near-term global investment plans?
  • In the past 3 years, has your company moved capacity outside of China?
  • Do you feel foreign businesses are more or less welcome in China than before?

Human Resources (HR)

  • Please select your top three human resources challenges.
  • What is your expectation for how much your average labor costs per employee will increase in 2016 vs. 2015?
  • Do you expect to increase or decrease in headcount in China in 2016?
  • Have you or has your organization experienced any difficulty in recruiting senior executive talent to work in China because of air quality issues?
  • How does your employee turnover rate in 2015 compare to 2014?

Bilateral relations and Bilateral Investment Treaty

  • How important are positive bilateral relations between China and the US to your business growth in China?
  • What would be the primary expected impact from a US-China Bilateral Investment Treaty on your company’s operations? Please rate each of the following dimensions.
  • How would you describe the importance of the completion of a high standard US-China Bilateral Investment Treaty for the following factors?
  • When do you think the US-China Bilateral Investment Treaty will be signed?

Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  • To what degree do Internet controls impact your ability to conduct business normally in China?
  • Which aspects of Internet controls specifically hinder your business? (Please select all that apply)
  • How would you rate the effectiveness of China’s IPR laws and regulations across the following categories?

Regional trends

  • Which regions do you rate highest for “ease to do business” in China? (Pick three from list)
  • Which regions do you rate highest for “local government welcoming to foreign business” (pick three from list)

Business Climate Survey Listing