2017 Business Climate Survey

This is the 19th year that AmCham China has surveyed its members on the business environment in China, and the third year it has partnered with Bain & Company for data collection and in-depth analysis. This year’s survey generated a record response rate, and the final report analyzed 462 responses out of 849 member companies.



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Below are some of the questions addressed in the report:



  • How does the estimated 2016 revenue of your China operations compare with 2015 results?*
  • How would you characterize your company’s financial performance in China in 2016?*
  • How do the EBIT margins of your China operations compare to your company’s global margins in 2016?*
  • How would you characterize your company’s financial performance in China in 2016?*

Business-Climate Challenges and Investment Outlook

  • What is your company’s forecast for China’s GDP growth rate in 2017 and for your industry’s market growth in 2017 vs. 2016?
  • How does China rank in your company’s near-term global investment plans?*
  • How much do you estimate your company will increase investment in China operations for 2017?*
  • What are your top business challenges in China?*
  • Do you feel foreign businesses are more or less welcome in China than before?*
  • How are foreign companies in your industry treated by government policies and enforcement relative to local companies?*
  • Are you confident that the Chinese government is committed to further opening China’s market to foreign investment in the coming three years?*

Adapting to China’s Changing Investment Environment

  • What are important opportunities for your China business?*
  • What are your primary business objectives in China for 2017?*
  • How important is innovation in China to your company’s further growth in China?*
  • What barriers, if any, are preventing you from increasing innovation in China?*
  • To what degree do IT/data security/Internet-related issues negatively affect your company’s competitiveness and operations in China?*

Policy Perspectives

  • How important are positive bilateral relations between China and the US to your business growth in China?*
  • What is your outlook on bilateral relations between China and the US for 2017?*
  • How significant of an impact would specific changes to the policy environment have on increasing your company’s investment levels in China?*

Human Resources

  • What are your top HR challenges?
  • Do you expect to increase or decrease headcount in China in 2017?
  • What factors pose the greatest challenges to your organization’s ability to recruit and retain talent to work in China?
  • What are the top three labor-related regulations/areas that your company is most concerned with in managing employee relations?​

*Industry-specific data for this question is available



  • 2016 年贵公司在华业务的经营收入预计与 2015 年相比有何变化?*
  • 2016 年贵公司在华业务的盈利状况如何?*
  • 2016 年贵公司在华业务的息税前利润率预计与全球息税前利润率相 比如何?*
  • 2016 年贵公司在华业务的盈利状况如何?*


  • 贵公司预计2017年中国GDP增长率是多少?您或贵公司预计2017年行业市场增长与2016年相比如何?
  • 中国在贵公司近期的全球投资计划中的重要性如何 ?*
  • 您估计 2017 年贵公司会在中国增加多少投资 ?*
  • 贵公司在华业务面临的最大的商业挑战是什么?*
  • 您认为外资企业在中国的受欢迎程度与以往相比有何变化 ?*
  • 您所在行业的外资企业在政府政策和执行方面的待遇与本地企业相 比如何?*
  • 您是否相信中国政府在未来三年将进一步向外资开放市场?*


  • 哪些方面能为您的在华业务带来重大机遇?*
  • 贵公司2017年在中国的主要商业目标是?*
  • 在中国开展创新对贵公司未来在华业务增长有多重要?*
  • 有哪些障碍阻止贵公司增加在华创新投入?*
  • 信息技术/数据安全/互联网相关问题对贵公司在华竞争力和运营有多大不利影响?*


  • 良好的中美双边关系对贵公司的在华业务增长有多重要?*
  • 您认为 2017 年中美双边关系的前景如何?*
  • 政策环境的特定改变会对贵公司提高在华投资水平带来怎样的重要影响?*


  • 您面临最大的人力资源挑战是什么?
  • 您预计贵公司2017年在华职员总数将有何变化?
  • 贵公司能否招聘和留住在华工作人员受到哪些因素的影响?
  • 贵公司在管理员工关系时最关注哪三个方面的劳动法规?


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