Policy Priorities 2019

Our policy priorities – Building Trust through Transparency, Promoting Development through Open Investment and Stimulating Innovation through Global Cooperation – are the culmination of discussions among AmCham China members and supported by data drawn from the annual Business Climate Survey of member companies and the American Business in China White Paper of policy issues.


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 The American Chamber of Commerce in China 

2019 Policy Priorities 


China is one of the most important trade partners of the US and both a source and a destination for bilateral foreign direct investment (FDI). However, pressure on the relationship is growing from a combination of bilateral tariffs and a simmering trade conflict focused on longstanding challenges facing the US business community in China, and trust between both sides has reached a low point. Nevertheless, AmCham China continues to believe it is imperative that China and the US find ways to resume and continue productive engagement as bilateral partners. Indeed, a healthy, fair and reciprocal trade relationship is critical for the robust economic growth of both countries.

As such, we hope that our 2019 Policy Priorities will serve as a foundation for longer-term engagement and dialogue, and that our recommended actions, based on these priorities, will foster greater trust and mutual understanding. Further recommendations and examples are including in the full Policy Priorities report linked below.

Our three Policy Priorities for 2019 are as follows:

I. Restore Trust through Concrete Actions Leading to Greater Transparency, Predictability, and Evenhandedness in Regulatory Processes  

  • Include clear benchmarks, timelines and intensive monitoring mechanisms to ensure lasting changes to China’s legal and regulatory architectures and impartial implementation of laws and regulations.

II. Promote Development through Policies of National Treatment and Competitive Neutrality

  • Treat foreign investors no less favorably than the best treatment offered to any domestic Chinese company, whether private, state-owned or state-controlled.

III. Stimulating Innovation through Policies that Promote Global Cooperation and Intellectual Property Protection

  • Promote the Internet as a platform for global interaction and limit restrictions on cross-border data flows, such as those proposed in the Cybersecurity Law, to encourage international collaboration and innovation.







I. 通过实际行动重建信任,从而提高监管程序的透明度和公平性

  • 纳入明确的基准、时间表和密集监控机制,以确保中国法律和监管架构的持久变革以及法律和法规的公正实施。


  • 向外国投资者提供的待遇不低于中国国内公司享受的最佳待遇,无论是私企,国企还是国家控制企业。

III.  通过全球合作和知识产权保护促进创新

  • 让互联网成为全球互动的平台,确保如“网络安全法”等法律法规中限制跨境数据流动仅应用于有限范围,以此鼓励国际合作和创新。

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