2016 BIO Trips: Poll Results Released

Below are the results of AmCham China’s 2016 Business and Investment Outreach (BIO) Trip Poll. Thanks to members' continued support, this will be our 10th year to organize BIO trips. The first BIO trip of 2016 will be scheduled for late June. Due to the availability of local government officials, trip dates may be subject to change. If you have any inquires or need further information, please contact Breeze Wang at bwang@amchamchina.org or 010 8519 0852.

Here are the top three destinations that our members have chosen for 2016 and tentative trip dates:

  1. Jiangsu 江苏 (Late Oct.)
  2. Xinjiang 新疆 (end of June)
  3. Sichuan 四川 (second half of 2016)  

Heads up for other key events in 2016:

October               Texas Austin investment & outreach trip

Sept. 8-11            The China International Fair for Investment and Trade

                             See: http://www.chinafair.org.cn/english/overview/about.aspx

2016 Upcoming BIO Trips

Xinjiang BIO Trip      June 21-June 25   Sign Up Now!