Coming to China

China offers fantastic opportunities for US companies looking to expand their markets or supply chains. With the help of AmCham China and its members, you can explore how to tap this large, dynamic and increasingly well-resourced economy.


If you need general information about doing business in China, or even concise, insightful lectures, AmCham China can tell you what you need to know.


If you’re working with AmCham China on your visit to China, or you’ve already set up shop and need assistance applying for an employment visa, we might be able to help.

Meeting Set-up

If you want to get connected to our members or partners, we can set it up.


If you need specific information relevant to your business in China and we can’t provide it, we’ll help you find people who can.


If you need some help communicating, our members speak your language (and everyone else’s).

Complete Trip

If you want someone to set everything up for your China visit, including everything above as well as transportation and hotels, we have the resources to make it happen.

Ongoing Assistance

If you need help growing your business in China, look no further than AmCham China members for expertise in Human Resources, Marketing, Compliance and Legal Issues.