Eudora Station Beijing

6# FangYuan West Rd. ChaoYang District Beijing
(opposite to Beijing Lido Place)

Discount Includes

Eudora Station Beijing provides 10% discount to all Am Cham China members.

Terms and Conditions

  • Reservation is required.
  • Promotion and Festive menus are not applicable.
  • Cannot be cumulated with any other discount and cannot be combines with other promotions.

About Eudora Station Beijing

Eudora Station is an idea wrapped in natural colours and textures. Authentic Western cuisine, great music and drinks are the obvious. The human spaces, clean comfortable textures and easy, comfortable environment are the setting. What we strive to achieve at Eudora Station is a place where our customers find a home; a place where they can feel welcome and comfortable each and every time. "Eudora" is from the ancient Greek, meaning "good gift".  At Eudora we strive to make true to our name.

Our food is authentic "Western Cuisine". Eudora picks and choses from among the great kitchens of the world food that we like, that we think you will like and that we can do well on a consistent basis. The range is from causal and comfort food to fine casual dining; from pizza and beer to fine romantic meals for two.