Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian

86 411 82387757
No. 4, Dong Xing Street, Development Zone, Dalian, China 

Discount Includes

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian offers Amcham China members:

  • FREE English and Mandarin regular evaluation.
  • 5% discount for each student from a family with more than 2 children enrolled altogether.
  • FREE parents & students salons.


Terms and Conditions

  • Reservation is required.
  • Please show your Amcham China card.
  • Cannot be accumulated with any other discount and cannot be combined with other promotions.


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About Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian’s educational philosophy is based on blending culturally rich Western and disciplined Chinese educational models. Students are welcome regardless of race,color,nationality. MLFNS-D is an accredited British Columbia Offshore school, providing education to foreigners’children. The school follows the BC primary and junior middle school curriculum.All school activities are inspected and certified annually by the ministry of Education of British Columbia, Canada. After a graduation,students can enter to any English speaking country for a further study or they can choose to go to Maple Leaf High School as well.