EventBank Helps Building Authentic Relationships

EventBank is at the forefront of integrating CRM, email marketing, membership management, project management and event management into one strategic SaaS tool. We provide organizations of all sizes – from small local NGO’s and alumni clubs to large multinationals - with a smart tool to improve their event management and enhance marketing effectiveness through engaging with their clients. 

We enable an organization to build trusted relationship with their clients in a way that has never been done before by managing relationships. We endeavour to help companies and organizations closely engage with their members through sophisticated event and membership management technology.

To achieve this, we work together with industry leaders in China. In addition, we are using the latest state-of-the-art technologies to ensure everything runs efficiently while giving our customers the best user experience tools on the market today. The result is an innovative cutting-edge unique platform. 

EventBank will continue to grow over the coming year and optimize performance to provide excellence to each organization. EventBank opened a new office in the Silicon Valley to establish a strong connection between the two tech capitals in the world. EventBank is reinventing the event management industry by allowing organizations to establish trusted relationships through authentic engagement.