Ira Cohen, AmCham China Governor and President of Universal Ideas Consultants (on right in picture, during a visit to Tianjin)

“The benchmarking conversations with your peers while in transit or the exposure to government officials during working luncheons and welcome dinners also have their merits, but none as much as your observations that produce unexpected business ideas.”


Michael Drury, Chief Economist at McVean Trading & Investments

“What I love about AmCham trips is the ability to deliver me to those places, because I’m based outside China. I’m just trying to keep up with China rules, which are a lot different from what those in the US understand are the rules. It’s about spending time away from Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, because that’s not what China is about these days. It’s about taking the trips to other parts of China, talking to the people on the bus, keeping me in the moment.”


Philip Zhang, Director of Government Relations & Market Development at Terex

“For us government relations is aimed at helping top-line growth, so we really value AmCham China’s help in setting up senior official meetings at the local level. Where we don’t have offices, these trips mean we can physically be there, and our association with AmCham China definitely helps us build our potential customer pipeline in those places.”


Kurt Markham, President and CEO of C.I.B. (second left, during trip to Inner Mongolia)

“The trips to Yunnan and Inner Mongolia trips were particularly valuable. It was useful just seeing the country and how they’re developing there – they don’t get a lot of Western groups so they were pretty keen to engage with us."