About the Automotive Forum

The Automotive Forum serves as a platform to form synergies and share information among the interested members that covers the whole value chain of the auto industry, from auto manufacturers and auto parts suppliers to services providers. The forum will meet on a bi-monthly basis, and the focus of the forum will be information sharing on industry developments and joint advocacy on specific industry topics.

Among our priorities, we focus on the strategic business and policy issues related to emerging technologies, business models, and global industry trends that are rapidly changing the automotive industry and how we envision mobility in the future, both in China and globally.

Leadership and Staff

  • Co-chair: Yan Leng , Daimler 
  • AmCham China Supporting Staff: Baojian Sui (bsui@amchamchina.org)


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For Automotive Forum-related inquiries, email Baojian Sui at bsui@amchamchina.org