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About the Marketing, Advertising, and PR Forum

The Marketing, Advertising, and PR Forum supports the exchange of information about marketing, advertising, and public relations particularly regarding trends in China. It helps AmCham China foster an open environment for healthy communications about China’s marketing and public relations worlds, including the marketing and PR industries, and the issues and opportunities for companies conducting marketing and PR activities in China.

The Forum organizes events and other opportunities to learn from and exchange ideas with authoritative sources from international and China-based agencies and client companies, local and international media, academia and government. It provides networking opportunities for members and coordinates with other AmCham China forums and committees to help increase the value of Chamber events and activities.

Leadership and Staff

  • Co-chair: Olivia Ji, EventBank
  • Co-chair: Yu Yue, Brunswick
  • AmCham China Supporting Staff: Vacant 


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For Marketing, Advertising, and PR Forum-related inquiries, email Tingting Liu at tliu@amchamchina.org