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WTO in the American Business in China White Paper

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Agriculture Progress in liberalizing agricultural trade.  Agriculture
White Paper 2011
Banking Domestic banking sector remains closed to meaningful foreign participation.  Banking
White Paper 2011
Business Procurement Services  Lifting restrictions on State-Owned Enterprises for using foreign service providers. Business Process Outsourcing
White Paper 2011
Direct Sales  Applauded for compliance in obligation to pass direct sales regulations and open direct sales market. Direct Sales
White Paper 2011
Energy China needs to lift or reduce tariffs on many energy-related capital goods and fully open retail sales of petroleum products to foreign companies without equity caps. Energy
White Paper 2011
Government Procurement  Revised Government Procurement Agreement Offer. Government Procurement
White Paper 2011
Healthcare  Ban of medical devices with bovine components is contrary to WTO obligations. Healthcare, Medical Equipment and Devices
White Paper 2011

Information Technology (IT)

 Voice over Internet protocol restrictions a violation of free flow of information required for economic development. Information and Communications Technology and Cyber Security
White Paper 2011
Innovation Policy  Subsidized research and development for Domestic Enterprises. Innovation Policy
White Paper 2011
Legal Foreign lawyers are barred from participating in certain types of meetings at government deptartments, and legal services are closed to foreign law firms. Legal Services
White Paper 2011
Retail China has removed most restrictions on foreign-invested retailers, including those governing location, proportion of ownership and the number of outlets.

White Paper 2010

Standards Adopting international standards.

Standards, Certification and Licensing
White Paper 2011


 WTO in the China Brief archives

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With increasing competition from both domestic and foreign automakers, reorganization and cooperation with foreign
competitors remain the best hope for China's auto industry.

On the Move:
China's Automotive Industry Post-WTO
China Brief 2002
 Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA)

The best course for China in response to the current economic downturn is to ensure that its domestic firms have access to the growing government procurement markets in the US
and around the world by becoming a party to the GPA.

Time for China to Enter
the WTO's GPA
China Brief 2009

Intellectual Property Rights

IPR protection has caused major international corporations to rethink their willingness to venture into the China market.
IPR is an issue that impacts virtually every industry,
and will be used as a benchmark to measure China's
progress in meeting its WTO obligations.

IPR and the WTO 
China Brief 2002

Trade The market access commitments are a major breakthrough
for companies engaged in distribution and trading activities in the China.

Open for Business:
Post-WTO Distribution and Trading in China
China Brief 2002