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Longstanding Challenges Underpin More Immediate Concerns for US Companies in China

The American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China) today releases the 24th edition of the American Business in China White Paper (White Paper), which lays out in detail a number of policy recommendations – both cross-sector and industry-specific – for the Chinese and US governments. This year’s edition contains 38 chapters covering developments over the past year, and includes 20 chapters on industry-specific issues, such as agriculture, banking, ICT, manufacturing, healthcare, and real estate, 12 chapters on industrial policy and market access, such as competition law, compliance, procurement, and taxes, and four chapters with a region-specific focus, covering central China, northeast China, Shanghai, and Tianjin.





US Business Confidence in China Shaken Amid Growing Impact of COVID-19 Outbreaks

US companies reported a dire economic picture in China, following COVID-19 outbreaks that have spread across the country in recent weeks, according to a new Flash Survey from the American Chamber of Commerce in China (“AmCham China”). The foreign business community’s confidence in doing business in China continues to decrease, with all 121 company respondents to the survey saying they had been negatively impacted by China’s policies concerning the recent outbreak, citing a range of factors.



US-China Public and Private Collaboration to Boost Sustainable Social Impact

On April 14, 2022, AmCham China held the virtual launch of the 2022 Social Impact Reports. Over 100 representatives from member companies, think tanks, and relevant organizations joined the event, which marked the culmination of the second annual Social Impact Initiative (SII).

COVID-19: Joint Survey Reveals Business Impact of Latest Outbreak

A new joint flash survey from AmCham China and AmCham Shanghai out today reveals 99% of respondents have been impacted by the recent COVID-19 outbreak in China. The survey focused on quantitative issues such as COVID-19’s expected impact on corporate revenues, investment decisions, and talent retention. The survey also included questions on China’s management of COVID-19 and provides member company’s top recommendations on how to improve regulations.