AmCham China’s 26th annual China Business Climate Survey (BCS) Report reveals that American companies in China are facing a complex outlook for the year ahead. While financial numbers have rebounded following the end of pandemic restrictions, a cautious approach prevails. Nearly half of the member companies forecast profitability, but many are opting to limit investments, focusing instead on nurturing their core business. This strategy is shaped by several challenges, headed by tensions in the US-China relationship.

The 2024 BCS report includes answers and data charts to 67 survey questions covering the snapshots of business performance, operations and goals, business environment, and bilateral relations. Around half of AmCham China’s member companies provided data in October 2023.

《中国商务环境调查报告》第26卷显示显示,在华美国企业 2024 年面临复杂前景。新冠疫情防控措施解除后,企业财务数据呈回暖态势,但业界仍普遍持审慎态度。尽管近半数会员企业预计 2023 年将实现盈利,多数企业的投资态度趋于审慎,转而以发展核心业务为主要目标。这一战略变化受多方面因素影响,而美中关系紧张依旧是其中的首要因素。

2024年的《中国商务环境调查报告》(BCS)以数据图表的形式呈现了受访会员企业对于企业绩效、商业运营和经营目标、商业环境,以及中美关系四个方面67个问题的看法。约半数会员企业于 2023 年 10 月参与了此次数据收集工作。

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