About the Southwest China Chapter

While Southwest China is centered on Sichuan, officially the area also includes all of Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Tibet. Sichuan province, with its significant contributions to China’s economy, population, resources, science, and education, boasts unique advantages in collaborating with the United States. In terms of foreign cooperation and exchange, the US has always been an essential partner for Sichuan in investment and trade. Between January and December 2022, 38 new US enterprises invested a total of US $143 million in Sichuan as foreign direct investment (FDI). Since 1998, the United States has established a total of 1,587 foreign-invested enterprises in Sichuan, with FDI totaling US $1.894 billion US dollars. The United States ranks fourth among foreign investors in Sichuan. In 2022, the total import and export volume between Sichuan and the United States amounted to RMB 195 billion.

AmCham China’s Southwest Chapter is dedicated to promoting cooperation and exchanges in China, serving as a bridge to encourage US companies to invest and develop in Sichuan. Many leading US companies such as Intel, Dell, and Microsoft have settled and flourished in Sichuan over the years. According to the 2021 Annual Report on Foreign Investment, the United States primarily invests in manufacturing, information transmission/software, information technology services, wholesale and retail industries, and scientific research in Sichuan.


US Visa Express Channel

This service, designed in cooperation with the US Embassy, allows qualified member companies of AmCham China to quickly and conveniently apply for US visas for their Chinese staff.

Member-to-Member Events

The Chamber’s commercial event platform is sponsored by companies seeking to share the latest information about their products and services – free for AmCham China members and employees to attend.

Exclusive Discount Program

Enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers on fine dining, travel, healthcare, and education. Bring your AmCham China membership card with you, and start enjoying the benefits of the Member Discount Program today!


By integrating leading educational resources from the US and China, AmCham China Training offers the broadest range of courses and hard-to-access resources from the best training companies and universities in both countries.

Member Company Job Listings

Member companies can post up to three positions and download 10 resumes every month on our website. The Chamber also promotes job openings regularly on our WeChat!

Notary Service

Through our highly qualified notarization partner, our fast, easy-to-use and competitively priced service can help you notarize more than 50 types of documents.


AmCham China, Southwest China chapter has a variety of membership categories to serve companies of all sizes, working in all industries and sectors, furthering the Chamber’s nationwide mission to help American companies succeed in China through advocacy, information, networking, and business support services.

To know more about the services and benefits of different membership categories, please download the document below:

Corporate member | Corporate SME member | Corporate Entrepreneur member

Membership Category
Price (RMB)
Membership Includes:
2 members (Corporate member x1 Additional member x1)
3 members (Corporate member x1 Additional member x2)
3 members (Corporate member x1 Additional member x2)
1 member
Senior/Young Pros.
1 member
Additional Member
1 member

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