Securing US business visas for your employees can be a long, arduous process that is filled with delays and is not guaranteed to pay off. During peak season, a normal business visa application process can take up to 3-6 months.

When you’re sending employees to the US, it’s for a good reason – for work that needs to be done. The operational and financial risk that comes with a failed business visa application can delay projects, lose big contracts or important clients, and affect your bottom line.

Facilitate a smoother and more timely application process for your employees’ US business visas with AmCham China’s US Business Visa Program (BVP). This program is designed to support your international business operations by assisting your employees with their business visa applications.


AmCham China’s Business Visa Program:

  • Reduces the wait time for visa interviews by up to 3 months during peak season
  • Operated by a team with years of visa experience
  • Designed in cooperation with the US Embassy in Beijing

This service, designed in cooperation with the US Embassy, allows qualified member companies of AmCham China to quickly and conveniently apply for US visas for your Chinese staff.

What Member Companies Qualify to Join the BVP?

AmCham China Corporate Members can apply to enter the BVP.

For US companies, approval is based on 1) a headquarters in the US 2) a satellite office in China established at least one year prior.

For non-US companies, any Fortune 2000 multinational with a China office open for at least one year.

After review and internal approval by AmCham China, applications are then subject to review by the US Embassy.

Who qualifies as individual applicants for a US visa through the Business Visa Program?

Steps for applicants who require a US visa interview


AmCham China membership does not guarantee your participation in this program, nor assure applicants from your company will be granted a visa, as the decision rests solely with US Embassy officials. The Embassy reserves the right to call applicants in for personal interviews. Participation in the program does promise, however, to speed up the often tedious and time-consuming process of applying for a US visa.

Interested in joining the BVP? Please contact

Information and Resources for Applicants

What Individual Applicants Can Apply for a US Visa through BVP?


Steps for Individual Applicants who DO NOT Require an Interview


Steps for Individual Applicants who DO Require an Interview


Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) Service


The US Embassy Closure Notice


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