The AmCham China Executive Office has the following departments: Membership and Services, Government Relations and Policy, Operations, Marketing and Communications, Member Operations, Chapters, and Digital Technology and Analytics. You can find details and contact information for the AmCham China team below.
Michael Hart


Michael oversees the general administration of the chamber and serves as the link between the Board of Governors and the staff.

Yining Hao

Project Associate

Yining reports to the President’s Office and also works in a rotating role, changing departments on a quarterly basis to support varied projects.

Membership and Services Department

David Jacobs


David leads AmCham China’s membership team, overseeing member engagement and business development. The team connects the Chamber’s nearly 1000 member companies, with the mission to help foreign companies succeed in China.

Celine Yi

Senior Manager

Celine welcomes new members to the chamber and tracks member renewals.

Ming Chiang

Member Engagement Senior Manager

Ming is responsible for member engagement, helping to further nurture the Chamber’s relationship with members from nearly 1000 member companies.

Millie Hou

Senior Account Manager

Millie welcomes new members to the chamber and tracks member renewals.

Ivy Ma

Senior Account Manager

Ivy welcomes new members to the chamber, with an emphasis on venture corporate companies and individual members.

Qian Chao

Membership Specialist

Membership Coordinator, updates and maintains the membership database and provides additional support for the membership team.

Government Affairs and Policy Department

Catherine Beck

Senior Director

Catherine leads the government affairs department, driving policy and advocacy strategies and engagement with the US government.

Feier Chen

Associate Director

Feier is responsible for coordinating activities of the AmCham China’s Chinese Government Affairs Committee (CGAC) and AmCham’s outreach to government offices.

Jenny Chen


Jenny manages AmCham China’s Policy+ program in addition to leading the chamber’s cross-functional advocacy efforts through policy monitoring, reporting, and communications.

Emily Zheng


Emily acts as the liaison between Amcham China and Chinese government partners.

Kathy Li
Kathy Li


Kathy supports the Government Affairs and Policy department’s research and thought leadership initiatives, including the chamber’s Social Impact Initiative.

Sihan Qu
Sihan Qu


Sihan supports the development of relations and engagement with key Chinese government stakeholders, in addition to the events and activities of the Government Affairs and Policy department.

Allison Lapehn


Allison monitors regulatory and legislative changes relating to US trade and investment in China. She also leads the drafting of the annual White Paper and the Chamber’s policy positions.


Cindy Sun

HR Manager

As HR Manager, Cindy supports all AmCham China staff.

Kathy Wang

Senior Finance Analyst

Kathy processes all payments, from membership dues to event fees.

Ye Lei


Ye Lei is responsible for paying vendors and staff members.

Caroline Wang

Senior Manager, Member Services

Caroline oversees the business services and programs that AmCham China offers to its members.

Ding Ning

Business Visa Program Associate

Ning serves as the contact person for the Visa Program at AmCham China.

Elina Liu


Elina staffs the chamber’s front desk and handles external inquiries.

Xu Fugang


Mr Xu supports AmCham China’s visa program and is the chamber’s driver.

Marketing and Communications Department

Mark Dreyer


Mark runs the Marketing and Communications team, overseeing all content, managing the chamber’s various communications channels, and handling media requests.

Tim Zhang

Associate Director

Tim manages the chamber’s visual design and user experience through its communications channels.

Tom Jin


Tom is responsible for assisting in the design and layout of all AmCham China publications.

Norris Tangen

Content Editor

Norris is responsible for all English-language content on the Chamber’s website and social media channels, and for producing the AmCham China Quarterly magazine.

Iris Zhu

PR and Digital Marketing Associate

Iris is responsible for handling media inquiries, coordinating media-related events, executing promotional campaigns and projects, and generating Chinese-language content, including WeChat

Member Services

Claire Ma

Senior Director

Claire leads the Member Operations team and oversees the Chamber’s Cooperation Programs.

Connie Zhao

Associate Director

Connie oversees our overall event services and management, and leads sponsorships for events and our media and publications.

Sui Baojian

Forum & Committee Manager

Baojian manages the following industry-specific affairs: Financial Services and Insurance, Automotive, Tax, Cosmetics & Nutrition, Food & Beverage, IPR, etc.  He also covers the Chamber’s Local Government Partnership Program and other partnership programs.

Dandan Li

Forum and Committee Manager

Dandan supports the daily operation of the following working groups: Real Estate, Marketing, Advertising and PR, Media and Entertainment. She also covers Hospitality, Tourism and Travel industry.

Lisa Yuan

Forum & Committee Manager

Lisa is our staff support for the Education Forum and Human Resources Forum as well as the Training Program.

Yoyo Wu

Event and Sponsorship Associate

Yoyo provides high quality service to AmCham China members through events and sponsorship.

Northeast China Chapter

Ripa Hovsepyan

Chapter Manager

Ripa is responsible for building membership in the Northeast China Chapter, planning, organizing and executing events, member relations and other related activities.

Melody Song

Membership & Member Services Executive

Melody is responsible for building membership in the Northeast China Chapter, planning, organizing and executing events, member relations and other related activities.

Tianjin Chapter

Amanda He

General Manager of Chapters / Chapter Manager

Amanda is responsible for the logistics, promotion and management of all Tianjin chapter events.

Linda Cheng

Membership & Member Services Executive

Linda is responsible for membership inquiries, Tianjin chapter member support.

Central China Chapter

Joan Zhu

Chapter Manager

Joan is responsible for building membership in the Central China Chapter, planning, organizing and executing events, member relations and other related activities.

Lina Wang

Membership & Member Services Executive

Lina works in the Central China Chapter developing relationships with international businesses, members, and potential members to bolster the Chapter’s vibrant community.

Digital Technology and Analytics

Francisco Arechiga

Senior Manager

Francisco heads digital strategy for AmCham China, developing new digital tools and analytics capabilities.

Jack Zhang

IT Manager

Jack oversees the chamber’s computer systems and assists with the backend programming of the website.