Innovative Public-Private Partnerships to Promote Best Practices and Create Positive Social Impact

As the pandemic rages on, the global community has realized that economic growth and fair development should not be in conflict. More than ever, AmCham China’s member companies have contributed to building a resillient, sustainable, and robust society in China.

Based on feedback from member companies, AmCham China’s 2021 Social Impact Initiative focuses on three topics: 1) promote US-China collaboration on reducing carbon emission and countering the climate crisis; 2) mobilze MNCs and build an inclusive community to support China’s rural revitalization efforts; 3) support China’s SMEs to access markets abroad and go through digital transfomrtioan.

AmCham China has launched an innovative Social Impact Initiative in July 2020 focused initially on these two pressing social issues. One of the core principles driving this Initiative is our belief that the private sector has a meaningful role to play in helping China to achieve its objectives and that AmCham China members are uniquely qualified to help. We have successfully concluded 8 working sessions and 1 high-profile Social Impact Summit in 2020, and have conducted a series of events, webinars, and meetings during the 2021 Social Impact Initiative.

2021 Social Impact Initiative

Download the Report on Green and Low-Carbon Economy

Download the Report on Rural Revitalization

Download the Report on Digital Economy

2020 Social Impact Initiative

Download the Final Report of the Public Health Track

Download the Final Report of the MSME Track

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