US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross heralded the 100-day deal as a “Herculean accomplishment.” If progress on the rest of the economic relationship follows the arc of the Greek myth, however, then the most difficult tasks are still to follow.
Be part of the most vibrant foreign business community in China
Humans may have lost against an AI program in the Chinese game of Go, but China is leading in AI.
AmCham China and Shandong Province to Hold Strategic Dialogue.

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China’s existing sewage processing capacities are in desperate need of improvement, even as authorities have concentrated their efforts on enhancing environmental protection and solving water shortages. To put an end to the issue, the Chinese government is expected to spend an additional RMB 4 trillion to improve water infrastructure, and has openly rolled out the red carpet for foreign investment into the country’s waste water treatment technology. Will foreign investors take the bait?


The chamber produces several reports during the year through which it engages the various levels of the national and local governments in China, helping our members make their voices heard when it comes to improving the business environment.


How China’s new work permit policy will bring significant changes to the foreign business community.
AmCham China - Northeast Chapter's Summer Music Festival hits all the right notes.
More than 270 people attended the US Independence Day party and enjoyed a day packed with fun events