The U.S.-China Healthcare Cooperation Program (HCP) is a collaborative initiative working to build closer working relations between the US and Chinese governments while leveraging healthcare industry strengths in order to foster long-term cooperation with China in the areas of public health, policy research, training, R&D, and technology, as well as to support the government’s goal of enhancing patient access to healthcare services in China.

Guided by the Steering Committee, HCP draws its strength from the collaboration between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, based on the US-China Public Private Partnership (PPP) on Healthcare framework announced in January 2011.
Key stakeholders of the program include non-profit organizations and associations, healthcare industry companies, and government agencies of both the Chinese and the US government.


To strengthen the long-term, constructive cooperation between the US and China in the field of healthcare; to support capacity and capability building within the healthcare system in China; to serve as a high level communication channel between the US and Chinese governments and the healthcare related industries; to promote a healthy environment for the growth of the healthcare industry in China.

Key Activities

High-quality collaboration projects on trainings and education for healthcare-related stakeholders
High-level forums and dialogues between stakeholders, the Chinese and US governments, healthcare related industries, and policy researchers on healthcare reforms
High-level technical exchanges and conferences
Other healthcare related collaborative projects and initiatives


Shaojun Ma

Executive Director

Nancy Zhang

Senior Program Manager

Yumeng Tian

Program Manager

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