12 October, 2018
The recent amendment to China's IIT Law will impact over 500,000 expats in China and their employers.
29 June, 2018
Global VP and CMO of SAP Greater China, Sun Lijun, joined AmCham China's CMO Breakfast series.
14 September, 2018
Bayer Greater China President discusses innovation and adoption leading to Tech & Innovation Summit.
22 June, 2018
The Securities Law of the PRC (SL) has gone through four revisions since its launch in 1999.
21 June, 2018
Nicholas Calcina Howson of Michigan Law School dissects proposed amendments to PRC Securities Law.
11 October, 2018
White & Case LLP lawyers recently provided AmCham with an overview of the US-China investment market.
10 August, 2018
This practical guide from AmCham China provides insights for members as to how best manage tariffs.
31 July, 2018
Chairman William Zarit discusses the impact of trade tariffs and politics of doing business in China.
12 July, 2018
This explainer introduces members to common terms that are important in US-China trade relations.
24 September, 2018
AmCham China President Alan Beebe led a delegation to Guangdong, September 12-14.
17 August, 2018
Steal our slides! AmCham China has produced this trade dispute timeline!


AmCham China, Tianjin hosted its first Annual “Healthy Life” Back to School BBQ and Games
AmCham China is excited to announce three new additions to the AmCham Dalian Executive Committee.
The "2018 Fortune 500 Dialogue with Hubei" kicked off in Hubei on September 11.
17 August, 2018
Steal our slides! AmCham China has produced this trade dispute timeline!
19 July, 2018
Download our Biotech 101 Stealable Slides courtesy of the Tech & Innovation Initiative.
15 June, 2018
The 2018 HR Conference took a new approach, focusing on "C-Suite Perspectives on Human Capital."
10 May, 2018
Victor Cui visits AmCham China to share how ONE Championship became a billion-dollar business.
09 October, 2018
Biopharma leader's new Beijing office opened to a special visit by United States Ambassador to China
01 June, 2018
Dell Inc's Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer sits down for an interview with AmCham China.
14 March, 2018
A great night of silent an live auctions at the American Ball 2018. See how you can be a sponsor!
10 July, 2017
AmCham China’s Independence Day celebration was a huge hit, tallying more than 500 guests, 600 hotdogs
22 June, 2017
Beijing’s international schools are finding new ways to prepare students for future uncertainties.
14 September, 2016
Learn more about how AmCham China's community has changed since starting up 35 years ago.
28 July, 2016
Learn more about the people and stories behind AmCham's work to improve public-private relationships.