08 November, 2017
The government has taken steps to curb "professional complainers" but they will remain a problem.
11 October, 2017
While the weather may be cooling down, AmCham China's advocacy efforts are heating up.
06 September, 2017
Changes to the referee criteria for labor dispute cases may indicate a positive trend.
23 August, 2017
Shandong Vice Governor Ren Airong met with AmCham China to discuss the upcoming Strategic Dialogue.
12 January, 2017
Read a summary of the best reports about the incoming Trump administration
15 December, 2016
“Trump in Transition” to highlight challenges and opportunities under the new administration
12 September, 2017
MOFCOM Deputy Director General Ye Wei delivered remarks regarding recent policy developments in China.
28 July, 2017
The Belt and Road Initiative is a great opportunity for MNCs, but they need a strategy to succeed.
06 November, 2017
AmCham China organized over 20 White Paper delivery meetings with Chinese Government officials in 2017
31 October, 2017
AmCham China hosted a sold-out event debriefing the important news surrounding the 19th Party Congress


AmCham China - Tianjin honored local businesses for their continued energy conservation efforts.
AmCham China’s Northeast Chapter raised 23,000 RMB for charity at the annual event.
AmCham China - Central China Chapter hosts welcome dinner for new US Consul General Jamie Fouss.
24 August, 2017
Steal our slides! AmCham China has produced Powerpoint slides designed to help you explain key issues.
08 November, 2017
The government has taken steps to curb "professional complainers" but they will remain a problem.
19 October, 2017
China’s plans to develop and regulate Big Data-related services may chill foreign firms’ enthusiasm.
17 August, 2017
Representatives from the DOJ shared insights on IPR protection and digital evidence preservation
23 March, 2017
Virginia Tan, founder of Lean In China, discusses the importance of addressing women’s challenges
Nigel Blair, President of Nihao Global, is passionate about using translation to help other companies.
07 November, 2017
Join China Real Estate Association for a weekend devoted to all things real estate and investments.
10 July, 2017
AmCham China’s Independence Day celebration was a huge hit, tallying more than 500 guests, 600 hotdogs
22 June, 2017
Beijing’s international schools are finding new ways to prepare students for future uncertainties.
18 May, 2017
Attendees of the 2017 American Ball reveled and raised money for charity
25 April, 2017
Wear an awesome costume to this year's American Ball and have some fun!
14 September, 2016
Learn more about how AmCham China's community has changed since starting up 35 years ago.
19 April, 2016
Panelists discussed the status of the foreign NGO law and other developments in giving back.
14 April, 2016
This panel discussed renminbi internationalization.