01 June, 2017
As the Cybersecurity Law comes into effect, questions remain on implementation and enforcement.
25 May, 2017
Attendees of AmCham China's Outbound Investment Trip recently returned from the productive event.
24 May, 2017
Stephen Shih describes how to win in the new war for talent in China.
11 May, 2017
Six months later, China's foreign NGO law slowly gains clarity
12 January, 2017
Read a summary of the best reports about the incoming Trump administration
15 December, 2016
“Trump in Transition” to highlight challenges and opportunities under the new administration
22 June, 2017
Beijing’s international schools are finding new ways to prepare students for future uncertainties.
13 June, 2017
A recent report from The Economist Intelligence Unit investigates the progress and outlook for SSSR.
18 May, 2017
Delegates from AmCham China met with American lawmakers in Washington, DC
19 April, 2017
AmCham China held it's third annual Government Affairs conference,


How China’s new work permit policy will bring significant changes to the foreign business community.
AmCham China - Northeast Chapter's Summer Music Festival hits all the right notes.
Introducing two leadership changes at AmCham China's Central China Chapter.
15 June, 2017
How can international companies localize products to maximize profits?
19 April, 2017
Global tech leaders report positivity that China will lead in disruptive tech innovation
23 March, 2017
Virginia Tan, founder of Lean In China, discusses the importance of addressing women’s challenges
08 March, 2017
From beginning to success, AmCham China is proud to offer support to women throughout their careers.
15 June, 2017
In the rapidly evolving healthcare field, taking care of patients is Dr. Koh Hau-Tek's first priority.
08 May, 2017
Fun, Fantasy and Feasts! - The 8th Kingdom awaits!
22 June, 2017
Beijing’s international schools are finding new ways to prepare students for future uncertainties.
18 May, 2017
Attendees of the 2017 American Ball reveled and raised money for charity
26 April, 2017
First Annual AmCham Badminton Tournament organized by Sports Committee
25 April, 2017
Wear an awesome costume to this year's American Ball and have some fun!
14 September, 2016
Learn more about how AmCham China's community has changed since starting up 35 years ago.
19 April, 2016
Panelists discussed the status of the foreign NGO law and other developments in giving back.
14 April, 2016
This panel discussed renminbi internationalization.