Welcome to the Job-Listing Service, exclusively available for AmCham China member companies. Our service provides a platform for you to post your company’s job vacancies free of charge. We hope you find by leveraging AmCham China’s extensive network and influence the Job-Listing Service can become a valuable addition to your recruitment channels.

To use our service, log in (or register if you don’t have an account yet) on this page. Once we verify your membership status, you can post job openings. Candidates will connect to you through email or website links directly. Please check here for instructions (注册及使用向导).

We look forward to helping you find the perfect candidate for your team.


  • 本服务只对中国美国商会会籍存续期内的公司持卡会员(非个人会员)开放。
  • 招聘信息及应聘材料的内容必须符合中华人民共和国的相关法律。
  • 为申请人预留的,用于提交应聘者个人信息的邮箱必须为企业邮箱。以公共域名为地址的邮箱,如com, 163.com, outlook.com等,将无法通过审核。(除非邮件地址与持卡人预留的信息完全一致)
  • 持卡会员只能为本公司的职位空缺投放招聘信息。如提交的招聘岗位与持卡人的公司会籍信息不符,将不能通过审核。
  • 会员公司注册本服务时需提供电子版的盖有公司公章的营业执照副本。


  • AmCham China作为会员公司招聘信息的发布平台,对于招聘和应聘双方所提供的信息内容,以及由此可能产生的误解、纠纷及损失不负有任何责任。招、应聘双方均应谨慎应对信息内容。
  • AmCham China有权对于审核不合格的招聘信息不予发布、要求更改或强行撤下。

Terms and Conditions

  • This service is only available to Corporate Cardholding Members holding a valid membership of AmCham China (individual members are not included).
  • The content of recruitment information and application materials must comply with the relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China.
  • The email used for submitting applicant’s personal information must be a corporate email. Emails using public domains, such as gmail.com, 163.com, outlook.com, etc., will not pass the approval process (unless the email matches the information provided by the cardholder completely).
  • Cardholding members can only post recruitment information for vacancies within their own company. Failure to match the submitted job position with the cardholder’s company membership information will result in disqualification.
  • Registrations from member companies will be approved upon a digital copy of a valid business license with the company chop.


  • AmCham China, as a platform for publishing member company recruitment information, bears no responsibility for the information provided by both recruiting companies and applicants, as well as any misunderstandings, disputes, or losses that may arise from it. Both the recruiters and applicants should treat the information carefully.
  • AmCham China reserves the right not to publish/to require necessary edits/to unpublish without consent the recruitment information that does not meet the criteria for approval.