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The 2018 Tianjin Environmental CSR Challenge/Conference (TECC) was successfully held this November 9 in Yujiapu at the recently opened Intercontinental Hotel and Convention Center.

Five companies took part in the TECC challenge this year, developing their own programs to reduce their environmental impact over the course of the challenge. This year’s challengers included:

  • Anisa Cosmetics
  • Caterpillar
  • Charles Rivers Laboratories
  • Ciao Pizza
  • Novo Nordisk

2018 also saw the addition of the conference segment, with two workshops and a panel discussion. Mu Lingling, GM of the APEC Green Supply Chain Center, spoke on the policy trends and industrial opportunities of Green Supply Chain. At the second workshop attendees heard from Johnny Browaeys of GREENMENT Environment on a new methodology for addressing the environmental enforcement vulnerability of suppliers.

The panel discussion was led by Geraint Feng from the TEDA Eco-center, discussing a socially responsible plant manager's liability from the perspective of environmental protection and energy saving, with moderation by Amcham Tianjin Chairman Martin Winchell.

The award ceremony was hosted by the Chair of the Environmental and Sustainability Committee, Alex Scilla.

The conference was followed by the TECC dinner.

TECC 2018 by the numbers

Through their programs, our TECC challengers accomplished:

  • A reduction of over 200 tons in water usage
  • 25000 kwh electricity saved
  • 30-50% reductions in energy and water use
  • Elimination of heavy metals and VOCs

The TTT [TReC-TECC Total]

Our two annual programs TReC [Tianjin Recycling/educational Challenge] and TECC to date have seen combined recovery of 1795 kgs of secondary resources, energy savings of almost 30000 kwh, and 200 tons of water saved.