The 21st edition of AmCham China’s American Business in China White Paper (White Paper) monitors, analyzes, and offers recommendations to improve China’s business environment. The White Paper is nearly 400 pages in length.

In an effort to distill AmCham China’s key messages and policy priorities, this, our 2019 White Paper Summary document maps our key recommendations by industry to AmCham China’s 2019 overarching Policy Priorities and at the same time reinforces the substance of the Policy Priorities with concrete examples of the kinds of challenges facing the American business community in China.

AmCham China’s 2019 Policy Priorities focus and guide the Chamber’s advocacy efforts. They are: 

  1. Restore Trust through Concrete Actions Leading to Greater Transparency, Predictability, and Evenhandedness in Regulatory Processes
  2. Promote Development Through Policies of National Treatment and Competitive Neutrality
  3. Stimulate Innovation Through Policies that Promote Global Cooperation and Intellectual Property Protection.

第21 期年度中国美国商会《美国企业在中国白皮书》(《白皮书》) 针对中国商业环境进行了观察与分析,并且提供了改善商业环境的意见与建议. 《白皮书》的篇幅接近400 页。为了提炼中国美国商会的关键信息和政策重点以供参考,我们的2019 年《白皮书》摘要文件将我们的行业政策重点建议与中国美国商会2019 年的总体政策重点联系起来,同时通过美国商界在中国面临的各种挑战实例再次强调了政策重点的实质内容。

中国美国商会2019 年的政策重点将指导商会的工作。今年的政策重点是是:

  1. 通过实际行动重建信任,从而提高监管程序的透明度和公平性
  2. 以国民待遇和竞争中立政策促进发展
  3. 通过全球合作和知识产权保护促进创新。我们相信,我们的2019 年政策重点将成为长期努力和交流的基础,我们希望针对这些政策重点制定的建议则能增进互信和理解.